Unity by Elly Bangs

Rating: 🪐🪐🪐🪐

A dystopian future featuring nanobots and underwater cities. Aptly described as “evoking the grittiness of Mad Max and the idealism of Sense8”. Great commentary on what it means to be human with some transcendentalist undertones. Highly recommended for all science fiction/cyberpunk fans… Click to continue reading!

Love in Color by Bolu Babalola

Rating: 🪐🪐🪐🪐

A book of love stories based on myths and folklore from cultures around the world. I was delighted by the fact that all of the stories were centered around the women (and I, of course, loved the sapphic tale based on Egyptian mythology). A stunning collection for anyone who wants to put a little love in their heart… Click to continue reading!